1. What services does Wellness city provide?

Wellness city is a medical concierge service provider that offers a travel experience to our city for various medical and surgical procedures. 


  1. How does it work?

Wellness city takes care of every detail the moment you contact us through our website, until the end of your medical travel. First you will have a consultation with a first contact physician, (representative ) then you will meet your medical specialist who will perform your procedure. After that we will arrange your medical trip from the airport, to your hotel and to all your medical appointments.


  1. How do I pay for my procedure?

There is a minimum down payment of 485.00 USD required. You will automatically be sent a link to pay directly if you create a profile on our web application. Or, your payment can be made by wire transfer.  The remaining fees should be paid once you are here before starting the procedure directly to the doctor by credit card or debit.


  1. Is it a safe destination to have my procedure?

Monterrey is a world class city with high purchasing power. It is a modern city with big commercial and financial centers, and the highest quality hospitals. It is considered a safe and excellent destination to travel or visit.


  1. As a patient, can I decide when and where to have my procedure?

We provide you with an option of dates and hospitals that you can choose from that best suits your schedule and your needs.


  1. Can I choose my doctor?

We provide you with options of the best specialists for your treatment to choose from.


  1. What procedures do you offer?

We offer a wide range of procedures from cosmetic surgeries, to bariatric, orthopedic and high specialties such as gynecological, oncological surgeries, and cardiology.


  1. Are the doctors and hospitals of good quality?

The hospitals and surgeons in Monterrey are considered some of the best in Mexico with high specialties and high quality standards which make them the best in their field of expertise.


  1. Who will pick me up at my arrival?

Wellness City provides private transportation services that pick you up at the airport and take you around. You can choose between a car and van type of vehicle from our service.


  1. Are translating services available?

Wellness city has bilingual staff members, and if extra translating services are needed they could be provided for an extra charge.


  1. What kind of accommodations are offered?

Wellness city has partnerships with various hotels conveniently located around the city. We also have contacts for apartments of short-term rentals, furnished for the clients’ convenience.


  1. How many days do I stay at the hospital?

The length of hospital stays depends on the type of procedure. It can range from one day up to 5 days generally. The duration of your entire medical trip also depends on the type of procedure you require.


  1. How much should I budget for my trip?

Wellness city offers competitive prices for medical travel. The budget you should plan for depends on the length of your stay in the city. To cover basic costs we always recommend to plan for a daily budget of between 150.00 to 200.00 USD per day to include food, transportation, shopping, medicines, etc..


  1. Are Wellness city and the hospitals accredited?

Wellness city and the hospitals we work with are fully accredited with all the necessary certifications and licenses to operate within the medical industry.  Our hospitals are accredited by the JCI the Joint Commission International and we are accredited as GHA the global health care accreditation and medical tourism business.


  1. What kind of follow-up care is offered after my return?

We offer a follow-up video consultation with the patient and the specialist once you are back home to offer some recommendations and follow up on your recovery.