Monterrey,Nuevo León. México.

Monterrey,Nuevo León. México.

Surgical Oncology
Surgical Oncology

This is a surgical subspecialty derived from general surgery focused on prevention, diagnosis, surgical management, and the follow-up of patients with any type of tumor, whether benign or malignant.  This subspecialty also works in a multidisciplinary manner with other subspecialties to provide comprehensive care to cancer patients.

Surgeries / Procedures

Oral cavity surgery (tongue, lips and thyroid)
Melanoma and other skin cancers
Breast cancer surgery
Some intestinal surgeries
Colon cancer by laparoscopy
Liver minor surgery
Ganglia biopsy
Limb angular deformities
Retroperitoneum sarcoma surgery without multiorganical recession
Distal pancreas surgery
Limb sarcoma
Salival gland surgery
Lung and liver metastasic recession surgery
Limb salvage surgery
Kidney surgery
Soft tissue tumor resection
Bone tumors
Spine metastasic management

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