Monterrey,Nuevo León. México.

Monterrey,Nuevo León. México.

Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery

It is both medical and surgical focused on the treatment of the different pathologies and trauma of the musculoskeletal system.  Which they can have an congenital origin or secondary to a degenerative trauma. The treatments of these diseases can go through physical therapy to surgical management via different types of implants.

Surgeries / Procedures

Limb lengthening surgery and fracture complications
Knee arthroscopy
Knee or hip articular replacement
Shoulder arthroscopy
Lower extremity surgery (fractures)
Carpal Tunnel surgery
Tenosynovitis surgery
Rotator cuff surgery
Acromioplasty (shoulder)
Meniscus surgery (knee)
Cartilage surgery (knee)
Cruciate ligament surgery (knee)
Surgery for sport injuries (knee)
Soft tissue tumor resection
Bone tumors
Spine metastasic management
Limb angular deformities

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